Whats In My Bag?

We all have that one bag. That one bag we use more than all the rest. It's our go to bag that we love to absolute death, and while sometimes the design of THAT bag will change, there is always one bag that is seen with you more often than not. The contents of someones... Continue Reading →

My Three Biggest Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. Things that annoy us to absolutely no end and if someone even begins to do one of those things, we go crazy. There will even be times when people do these things just to piss us off because they know we get so worked up about them. The first of... Continue Reading →

My Zodiac Sign – Does It Fit Me?

So I was born on the 6th of October 1994. That puts me into the classification of the LIBRA zodiac sign. I've always been sceptical but also curious about whether or not zodiac sign meanings are accurate or not. So I've went on to several websites describing these signs, and I'm gonna break them all... Continue Reading →

A Letter To My Younger Self

Hey Chris, Its you, from the future. Here's the deal, life is going to be hard for you. Not gonna sugar coat it. You're going to think high school is great and the best years of your life, it won't be. You're going to have a lot of internal battles about things. For starters you're... Continue Reading →

People I Know That Inspire Me

We all have someone that inspires us. Someone that gives us a sense of security, confidence, a drive to be extraordinary. Whether it be someone you know personally, someone you know of, or even a fictional character, there's no denying that we are all inspired by at least one person in our lifetime. In my... Continue Reading →


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