Whats In My Bag?


We all have that one bag. That one bag we use more than all the rest. It’s our go to bag that we love to absolute death, and while sometimes the design of THAT bag will change, there is always one bag that is seen with you more often than not.

The contents of someones bag can really tell you a lot about that type of person. Whether they’re organised or messy for example. So I’m going to describe the contents of my bag, what I think it says about me or you can draw your own conclusions as to what type of person you think I am.

First thing that I pulled out my bag is… A lip scrub from Lush. These are great cause they help exfoliate my lips somewhat when they are quite cracked plus they taste great so are also a fun snack.

Next we have… A pair of severely tangled headphones. Nothing is quite as annoying as putting your headphone in your bag or packet all nice and neatly and them coming out in 16 different knots. Nonetheless, I always like to keep a spare pair of headphones in my bag just incase I forget to pick my other ones up in the morning because I absolutely hate being on pubic transport without being able to listen to music.

Next to emerge from the bag of wonders is… A pen, because well, everyone needs a pen in their bag to be honest… thats just the truth of the matter (shameless blog title plug sorry not sorry)

We also have a cinema tickets and a couple of receipts all folded together… they’re going straight in the bin cause I’m not really one for having clutter in my bag. It drives me absolutely insane.

Next item is my little notebook planner. I always like to have this on me to write any ideas down that I have for blogs or any important dates or anything like that so that i can input them into my calendar. It’s pretty much a book for anything and everything.

Just pulled some shaving cream out of my bag… bought this earlier today so should probably put that in the bathroom with my razor. For those curious I got Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel because I personally think its the best shaving cream.

Okay so next thing to be picked is my small makeup bag… Always like to keep a couple things on hand just incase I need a little top up you know what I’m sayin’. In it we have a highlighter, blush palette, four brushes, lipstick, concealer and a beauty blender. You know, the essentials.

My wallet is next, I don’t think I’ve ever went anywhere without it. Like ever. Theres really not much to say about this item cause I’m pretty sure everyone has their wallet/purse in their bag all the time.

My mini deodorant can is next. This is an ESSENTIAL for my bag because sometimes it will be really warm or I have to run somewhere and I am always super paranoid about B.O. so I like to keep a can on deck just incase.

Next is my glasses/glasses case. Sometimes I don’t like wearing them if I don’t need to so like to keep them in my case so that they don’t get scratched. I’m definitely going to go back to wearing contact lenses when I move home to the U.K.

We are getting super close to the end theres not much left… I swear!

Okay now we have another pen… thats three pens in total… Guess its always good to have spares.

Next we have my house keys with a selection of keyring. One from Dubai, two from Sydney and one from Lapland cause why the hell not. Keeps things interesting.

Following that, I have a lip balm. Specifically Key Lime Pie lip balm from Lush. It tastes divine on the lips and just makes them all nice and moisturised. I mainly have it for the flavour because I love anything citrus.

The penultimate item in my bag is… some condoms… oops… I mean I picked them up from the clinic when I went to get my regular STI check. ITS IMPORTANT TO BE SAFE KIDS. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool.

And finally, FINALLY, the last item in my bag is… A tangle teezer hairbrush. I’m currently growing my hair out and sometimes it gets an ABSOLUTE mess so I always like to have a hairbrush to hand to make sure its tidy and presentable.

And thats it. I’m done. My bag is now emptied. Pretty much tells you that I am a person that very much likes to take care of their hygiene at all times throughout the day and is also very organised, but you might have a different opinion.

What kind of stuff do you have in you bag? Do you have more or do you have less? Let me know in the comment section!

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