A Letter To My Younger Self

Hey Chris,

Its you, from the future. Here’s the deal, life is going to be hard for you. Not gonna sugar coat it. You’re going to think high school is great and the best years of your life, it won’t be. You’re going to have a lot of internal battles about things.

For starters you’re going to be bullied, sometimes subtly, sometimes directly, either way it’s going to make you feel like utter shit about yourself and its definitely going to knock the little confidence you have. This is going to definitely affect you after high school too, well into your late teens to be honest. Gaining confidence is going to be an ongoing battle for you, but, keep fighting, because eventually, you will feel amazing and confident about yourself.

During your time at high school, you’re going to go through what is definitely your biggest battle of your life so far. Cancer. But don’t be scared, be strong. It will be tough and there will be times where you feel like batting out, but you can overcome this. You will have amazing friends at your side every step of the way, even help from people you didn’t expect to have help from, cherish them.

While you will feel like you will have your high school friends for life, you won’t. You’ll drift with them. But thats life, it happens. You can’t dwell on it, else it will drive you insane. By the time you’re in your early twenties you’ll definitely have a bunch of amazing friends who you love very dearly and will definitely have for your entire life.

Two other people you should cherish are your parents. They do so much for you, a lot of which is going to probably go over your head cause to be quite honest, you’ve yet to realise what life is all about. There will be times were you do act like a little brat and stuff, but, your parents do a lot of things you don’t even realise they’re doing. You’ve always been close with  mum, and though you don’t feel as close with dad sometimes, when you move out of home, you’ll realise how close you too actually are, and it will definitely make your relationship stronger.

You’ll constantly be chopping and changing your mind on what you want to do in the future as a career. You’ll soon discover that photography is one of your biggest passions for life, you’ll even leave home to go study it in Edinburgh. But you need to be prepared, cause uni will start to ruin your passion for you. You’ll start to hate it very fast, and when that happens, stop. Just stop it in its tracks. Otherwise it will ruin it for you forever.


You’re also going to move to Australia, and it’s going to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. You’re going to make some one the most amazing friends, make some fantastic memories and just have the time of your life. But really whats going to be most important, is that you’re finally going to feel comfortable with who you are. You’re confidence is gonna reach levels like never before and you’re going to really figure out who you are as a person, and also figure out what you want to do with your life.

So be prepared, the next ten years are going to be an absolutely rollercoaster whirlwind of ups and downs and everything in between. Looking back on it all, writing this letter, all these experiences needed to happen. They’ve shaped you into the man you are today and you are so much better for going through all of it.



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