My Tattoos and the meaning behind them

Tattoos are such a beautiful art form and an expression of who we are, each tattoo being unique to the person. I have gotten a total of 10 tattoos since I was 18, each one of them took careful consideration and planning before I let any needle touch my skin.


This was my very first tattoo. I got it around the time of my 18th birthday. The date, for starters, is a very important date to me. The date, is the date I found out I went into remission for my cancer. The reason that I got the double infinity above the date, was to I guess symbolise my life before and my life after my diagnosis. How they are both connected and intertwine with each other, but also are two seperate things. When I was diagnosed it really put things into perspective for me and made me realise that I needed to stand up for myself and be my own person. As strange as it sounds, I am glad it happened cause it shaped me into the man I am today.


This tattoo, on my opposite wrist that the double infinity tattoo, has again, two seperate meanings. The tattoo as a whole is similar to the shape of a Phoenix, and it reminds me that no matter what happens and what life throws at me, I can always rise up from the proverbial ashes. The second meaning, is the the design incorporates the letter “S” into it. In my case, the “S” stands for STRENGTH. Every time I see this, I remind myself that I always do have the strength to go on and fight, no matter the situation or battle.


This was undoubtedly the most painful tattoo I have gotten, purely because there isn’t much muscle better the first layer of skin and your bone. Regardless, its still a cute little tattoo.

The purpose of this tattoo is quite a quirky one. Its on my right hand index finger, and thats the photo I use to push the shutter button on my cameras when I studied photography. Photography is such a passion of mine, it only felt right to get this tattoo.

Which leads me to my next tattoo…


My camera. What a beauty. One of my favourite things about this tattoo is the intricacy of it. The detail. Its immense. Thats why I love my tattoo artist, she designed this pretty much from scratch and its astonishing! Similar to the tattoo above, I got this tattoo on my shoulder blade purely for my love for photography. I think that I have always really loved photography but really realised my love for it in my 5th year of high school, where it was offered as an extra subject. Ever since then I’ve really expanded my knowledge when it comes to photography and it has became one of my main hobbies and passions in life.


This brief but powerful statement just came to me one day. It was no doubt said by someone before me, but, it resonated with me so much that I just had to get it tattooed. This sentence is really important to me, cause for most of my life I feel like I’ve tried to mould myself into a shape that would be deemed acceptable by society. Shortly after high school, I came to the realisation that I shouldn’t have to mould myself to fit in society, society should just accept me for who I am, without question. No one should let society define them.

The next five tattoos are somewhat a series of tattoos, all with a similar theme, going down my spine.


These tattoos are all Celtic in origin and each means something different, dependent on the person! The first tattoo (top photo) is called a Triskelion, and each extended spiral has a different meaning. To me, they mean Mother, Father, and Child. My parents are both very important people to me, and have made me who I am today and keep me going, but I also keep them going, it’s a constant cycle. The triskelion has been described as looking as each extension is a leg running, which to me reiterates the running of the cycle of me and my parents keeping each other going.

The next tattoo is a a variation of a Celtic Triquetra, which is actually what my fourth tattoo is, and to me the three intersecting circles each represent the past, the present and the future. Everything is connected and I believe that the lessons you learned in the past influence your decisions in the present which in turn shapes your future.

The third tattoo, is quite simply the sun and the moon. For me, it represents balance. When there is light, there is dark and vice versa. You always have to find a good balance between the two, trying not to lean to much towards one or the other. If you lean too much to the darkness, which for me represents negative energy etc, then your mood will be a very sad one and you’ll constantly think negative thoughts. If you lean too much to the light, then you might overvalue yourself, see yourself above all others and develop a superiority complex, which again, isn’t healthy for you mental state.

Like I said previously, my fourth tattoo is a Celtic Triquetra. This specific iteration of the triquetra symbolises the mind, the body and the spirt. Each part a key component into making me the person that I am today. I’m definitely a firm believer in one part affecting the others, such as if you’re feeling down in the mind, it will show in your body and your spirit, you could not eat as much, be pale and not as lively. There is a balance within the three that I strive to maintain as much as possible.

And lastly, my final spine tattoo is of a Celtic Endless Knot (or Celtic Infinity Knot). These symbols have no beginning and they have no end. To me this is representative of time, and life. There is no beginning and no end to either. I very much believe in reincarnation, and to me, even though people die, life does not stop there, it just starts again.

I love each and every one of my tattoos and the meaning behind them. I can’t wait to get even more meaningful tattoos, theres something about getting your skin inked that is just down right addictive.

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