I’m moving home…

Australia is a country like no other! I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed virtually every minute I have been here but, and I say this with a heavy heart, I’ve realised it is time for me to move on…

My desire to come to Australia came out of practically nowhere, I just remember that one day, I woke up and I said to myself “move abroad, as soon as possible”. I don’t even know why I picked Australia. Maybe it’s cause it was the furthest away from home, or cause I had never been there before, but whatever the reason, I am so freaking glad I made it.

I knew when I moved here I really wanted to find myself, a cliche i know, but it’s true. I wanted to find some semblance, a level of happiness and confidence I had never experienced, and I know that i have achieved that goal, I could not be happier than I am now! The combination of being in such a beautiful place like Sydney, along with the beautiful people I have met and am now able to call dear friends of mine!

Sydney, its a city where I found i was able to flourish and be myself in so many different ways, my fashion, my love for make-up, doing my youtube, and numerous other things, and what was the best part, is that I never had a fear of being laughed at or ridiculed, a feeling I know all too well.

Originally, I had planned to do my required farm work, a full 88 days regional work to gain myself a second year in Sydney, but the moment I stepped on the farm that first morning, I knew in my gut that a second year isn’t what I wanted.

I had been toying with moving away from Aus for a while, I even  messaged my friend Kennross about possibly doing some work on a cruise ship, as that is what he’s currently doing. I just passed all these feelings off as me being nervous about leaving Sydney to do the farm work, but I know in my gut that moving home is the right move for me.

I’m gonna miss every single person I have met in aus, and I will carry the memories I’ve made for the rest of my life and I will most definitely be coming back to visit, so you all haven’t seen the last of me. So I’m gonna enjoy my last few months here in Sydney (and a month long holiday travelling around Aus with my bestie) then come September 30th, I’ll be gone.

U.K. you best prepare yourself, cause I’m coming back with a brand new attitude and outlook on life, and ain’t nobody gonna ruin my confidence anymore xoxo

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