My teeth are always something I have had an issue with, both colour and alignment. I had braces when I was younger, but because I stupidly didn’t wear my retainer enough, there became a gap in my front two teeth. Thats not something I can really change, unless I get braces again. However, what I can change for a more affordable price, is the whiteness of them! So I decided to give the Oral-B 3D White range a go, doing a 14 day challenge of sorts. So, without further ado, here is my full review of these products.

The range itself is quite affordable, and can be bought at most local supermarkets or drug stores. The toothpaste was $9.49, the mouthwash was $9.99 and the mouths strips were $34.99.

Prior to use of the products, I made sure I gave the boxes a read, just to try and find information about enamel, whiteness improvement etc etc. The toothpaste packaging made the claim that it “removes up to 80% of surface stains in 14 days” while also saying that it “fights cavities” and also refreshes the mouth, as moth toothpastes do. The packaging for the whitening strops however, made some bolder claims. The white strips claimed that they would remove “up to 10 years of stains”. Though it does have an asterix next to it with the fine print saying “in as little as 14 days” and seeing as there were only 14 strip packets in the box, I decided to make it a 14 day challenge. On the back of the box it also said that the strips removed lots of tough stains, such as coffee and smoking, as well as having an easy application, strong grip and good fit.

I didn’t start the challenge for a couple days after purchasing the range, as I knew there would be a big commitment, mainly for the strips as they need to be kept on teeth for one hour, and I would be able to commit to that as I did not have the time due to previous commitments. But when I did start the challenge, I went in thinking about 5 particular things:

  1. Would my teeth feel more sensitive/have less enamel at the end of the challenge?
  2. Would the strips in fact be easy to apply/remove?
  3. Are the strips comfortable in the mouth?
  4. Will I notice some actual improvement in my whiteness?
  5. Would I recommend the product to someone after the 14 days?

Lets tackle my first thought, the sensitivity and enamel of my teeth over/after the 14 days. Overall, my teeth don’t feel any more sensitive than they were prior to doing the challenge, they feel pretty much the same, and there is no noticeable erosion to the enamel of my teeth. There was a point during the 14 days that I did feel my teeth were quite sensitive, especially when drinking ice cold drinks, but, I put that down to drinking something straight after taking the strips off my teeth, so I would not recommend doing that.

The strips themselves were fairly easy to apply. I personally found the top strip easier to apply than the bottom one, as I found the bottom could sometimes be difficult to position  or if it hit my lip and got wet it would not stick as well. This definitely became easier over time, but initially I used my retainer for 5 minutes to make sure the strips stuck in place.

Taking the strips off however, was difficult over the full duration of the 14 days. After the hour of having the strips on I definitely found it was hard to peel them off the teeth as they are so secure and stuck due to the gel, so trying to get a grip of them did take usually about 5 minutes, which is a bit tedious but once you have a good grip it is easy to just peel away. I would definitely suggest that if you’re going to use these strips, drying your mouth out before you apply strips as they will adhere better that way.

After the strips are removed, you will feel a noticeable gel substance still on your teeth. I found that the best way to deal with that is to just run your tongue along your teeth, spreading the gel along all teeth, as that will help continue to whiten them.

The strips are relatively comfortable in your mouth. They do create a little bit of a lisp, especially the first couple of times using them, but when I used them I usually did it when I knew I wouldn’t be doing much talking, so the lisp was never really an issue for me.

I didn’t really notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth until about 7 or 8 days into the challenge, so if you don’t notice a difference right away, try not to worry, the difference will come over time. Below are photos of my teeth taken on the first, seventh and fourteenth days, to display the difference over the time.



DAY 7 


DAY 14

When looking at these photos, it is clear that there is a noticeable difference and improvement in the whiteness of my teeth, but if I’m being completely honest, the photos don’t even do it justice. Though there is still a small discolouration at the top of my teeth were tooth meets gum, which I don’t believe i’ll be able to get rid of unless I have my teeth professionally whitened, I’m  still very impressed and happy with the improvement.

Using these products has definitely improved not only the whiteness of my teeth, but also my confidence when it comes to smiling. It is quite easily the most affordable method I have found for teeth whitening and would fully recommend these products to anyone who asked, and I will most definitely continue to use the range.


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